For any companies of all sizes, the importance of a strong brand in creating a relationship with customers can’t be overstated. Your brand’s impact needs to go beyond products, services and marketing materials.

One of the strong and most cost-effective ways to leverage your brand for a better relationship with customers this season is a simple greeting card.

Greeting cards are dynamic way to show customers your appreciation as a holiday card, or just a simple “thank you” card. They are also an easy way to continue cultivating relationships in a friendly, non-promotional way. These cards are a gesture of good will that show your customers that they’re so much more than names on a spreadsheet; they’re people you know and care about.

Some of the best greeting card uses we’ve seen include:

  • Thank You cards
  • New customer welcome cards
  • Christmas/holiday cards
  • Birthday cards
  • Customer anniversaries commemoration
  • Milestone congratulations (for example, a credit union sending congratulatory cards to members when they pay off a loan)

All the above examples helped businesses reinforce their brand without pushing any promotions or offers—or cluttering up mailboxes with junk that goes straight into the trash.

It’s important to focus on your brand holistically and not just in ways that directly affect your bottom line. In creating good will with your customers, you will see much more valuable returns in the long run! That’s why custom greeting cards are one of many ways you can consistently keep your brand top-of-mind with customers.