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//Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns


Emails can be a great, cost effective-solution to stay in touch with your audience on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. That could include customers, prospects or warm leads. We can fully build your email, ready for upload into your favorite email management software like Mailchimp or Constant Contact.

We can also assist you in managing your email marketing efforts. We can simply build an email template for you to manage or we can build an entire marketing campaign and manage your emails monthly. See pricing details below.

We produce all email templates in HTML formats and deliver you the final HTML file for use. Just let us know the content you want in the email (headline, subhead, body copy, etc.) and we’ll take care of the rest, including designing an eye-catching header image to grab your audience’s attention We’ll also format and lay out all content hierarchy to make it fit the final design and speak to your audience.

Example Work


We’re excited to start your new email template design! All you have to do to get started is fill out our streamlined creative brief at checkout. Filling out the creative brief lets you communicate your preferred design style to our design hive, attach any images you want to include and provide any text you want in your design.

Our Design Process

WorkerBee provides a satisfaction guarantee on our designs or your money back!

Prep & Launch
Once you’ve fill out your creative brief, the hive takes over.

  • You’ll receive an email with your order confirmation and project timeline.
  • We’ll select the WorkerBee designer best suited for the project, review your creative brief and check all images, design styles and content provided.

It’s time to create some buzz. After we confirm your project, get ready to see the first proof in just a few days.

  • Our designers quickly review the scope of the project to confirm all the necessary details.
  • Your designer works their magic to design and lay out your project.
  • The WorkerBee management team reviews your project to ensure it meets our high standards.

A ‘round of proofing’ counts when you send us an email with changes, edits or notes after we send you a draft of your design.

  • After your designer completes their first draft of your design, we’ll submit it to you for review.
  • If you have edits, your designers will make your changes and resubmit the design to you within one business day.
  • You’ll get two rounds of proofing, just like you would get working with an agency or graphic design firm.
  • If needed, the WorkerBee team will notify you of any timeline updates via email.

Preparing for Press

Once you approve the final artwork, we’ll prepare all files for press or online quality.

  • We’ll give you all the files you need for your design to be used anywhere you want–in print, online, on a billboard or anywhere else you might need.
  • You own every aspect of the design, so we’ll also hand over all the project assets. This usually includes Adobe program files, like Photoshop or Illustrator.



  • Upon web submission, completion of your creative brief, submission of all support images/content and final payment, our team will start your project within 48 hours.
  • Design time for your first proof requires up to four days.
  • For each round of proofing, you can expect a response within a day.
  • Once your project is finished to your satisfaction, we’ll need one day to prepare your files for press and get them totally finalized for you.

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