1. What is WorkerBee?
    – WorkerBee is a graphic design resource for various media that fits your budget. We resource a network of freelance graphic designers and artists just waiting to create custom work for you. This lets us provide faster turnaround times and lower prices. WorkerBee provides custom design services for various audiences and dozens of media including wedding invites, financial advertising and various marketing for small business, startups and independent professional of all kinds.
  2. What is a creative brief?
    – A creative brief is the very foundation of any creative advertising/marketing campaign or project. Filling out the creative brief gives our hive of designers all the details they need to complete your project beautifully and efficiently. To make a simple (but relatable) analogy, the creative brief is the metaphorical treasure map that creatives follow.
  3. What payment methods do you accept?
    – We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club International as well as checks.
  4. What are your policies?
    – You can find all of our terms and conditions here.
  5. What if I am not happy with my delivery?
    – If you still don’t feel like your design has met your expectation after two different design iterations, we will offer you a refund for the service in question. Additional information about how refunds work can be seen here.
  6. How do I contact the seller before I place my order?
    – If you have any questions, concerns or comments, you an always email us at info@workerbeedesign.com or give us a call at 1 (866) 748-1028. The WorkerBee team will be in contact with you within 24 hours. We work best by email but we may call, so please include your phone number with your inquiry!
  7. How much does it cost?
    – At WorkerBee we believe in flat-fee pricing so there are no surprises what you see for the cost of each product is what you pay. In each flat-fee cost, there are descriptions of exactly what you get with each product, so the deliverables may vary slightly by product. If there is something special you would like us to work on (like content development, printing, mail house services and more), we’re definitely happy to help! Just send us an email or give us a call and we’ll review your needs and provide custom quotes for you.
  8. How long is the entire process?
    – Once you’ve filled out your the web submission, creative brief and you’ve given us any supporting images/content we’ll need for your project, you’ll make the final payment. Then when your submission is confirmed, our team will send you all the project timelines via email and we will get started your project. Basic timelines are noted in each product description but may need to be altered based on client proofing timelines and the complexity of any edits or changes. After you approve the final design, we will prepare the final file for press (or any needed quality) and deliver them in up to one day.
  9. How often will I be charged?
    – You will only be charged one time when you finalize your order online at checkout. Additional charges may apply if you exceed the product’s specified rounds of revisions or require additional services that need to be custom-quoted.
  10. What projects can be done on WorkerBee?
    – The WorkerBee hive can complete a very wide range of custom design projects for you. All of our services can be found here.
  11. What’s the difference between finding designers online versus locally?
    – WorkerBee was created to make ordering custom graphic design services ridiculously easy. We understand that budgets these days can be tight and nobody expects extra fees when starting a project. We help you with graphic design with a streamlined process to manage freelance designers producing custom, high-quality designs for flat-rate pricing. That means no extra costs, just great design. Sure, you can work face-to-face with someone locally, but WorkerBee was developed by humans (not bees—sorry to disappoint) and there are humans at the other end of the email or call ready to assist you. WorkerBee simply acts as a portal to easy, fee-structure pricing and commerce along with management of awesome creatives to deliver the product and services you need.
  12. How do I manage my services?
    – The WorkerBee team manages the entire process from start to finish because we want the buying process to be as simple as possible for you. Unlike other freelance network sites out there, we believe it’s important to take the stress out of the project for you. All you have to do is pick the product you want, pay, give us a little information and we’ll get buzzing. Then just sit back and wait for the design to arrive over email! We’ll be in contact with you throughout the entire project by email or phone.
  13. How do I communicate with my designer?
    – If you need to contact your designer, just send and email to info@workerbeedesign.com and you’ll get a response from WorkerBee in order to help the communication between you and your designer. We are fully committed to top-notch communication! However, not every creative works the same way. In fact, they’re all pretty different and have various work methods—that’s part of what makes them great. The WorkerBee model is meant to take the stress out of working directly with the designer. Our creative team here at WorkerBee will listen to your needs and efficiently communicate the changes, design vision and any other details to your designers for you. Communication in the creative process is the cornerstone of our business, so you can count on our expertise to make the process stress-free for you.
  14. Why are attached files downloading as .zip files?
    – You’ll get a .zip folder if the files are too large and have been compressed. The good thing is that you can still download .zip files and they’ll be accessible just the same.
  15. What’s the quickest way to get started?
    – If you already have your project in mind, click here to fill out the services you would like and we will reach out within 48 hours to get your design started for you.
  16. Am I entitled to a refund?
    – Yes! WorkerBee designers aren’t paid until you are happy with the final product. Additional information about how refunds work can be seen here.