It’s time to start thinking seriously about how you’ll market your business in 2019.

No doubt you’re reflecting on 2018’s successes and failures as you look ahead to 2019’s budgets and goals…and that’s a good thing! But you can’t just expect everything that worked in 2018 to work again next year. You’ve got to adapt with the changing business landscape to keep crushing it.

These are the top marketing trends to consider as you look ahead to 2019:

1. Brand authenticity and transparency

If you read an ad that sounded too good to be true, how would you respond? Would you take it at face value and buy the product or take 20 seconds to Google the product? Good brands are finally coming to terms with the fact that consumers’ BS filters have never been more fine-tuned. People appreciate not being taken for fools! Two great examples are RX Bar and Everlane. RX Bar famously prints the ingredients of their snack bars prominently on the front of their packaging. Everlane actually lists their costs on their website so buyers know exactly how much markup they’re paying.

2. Going against the grain

Consumers face such an onslaught of advertising stimulus every day that ubiquitous ads in traditional channels are little more than white noise. The best way to engage consumers is with creative and innovative approaches that are unexpected. But that doesn’t necessarily have to mean new approaches. Some of the most successful brands have actually started to invest more marketing dollars back into older media like print simply for the fact that others have written them off entirely. The lesson to be learned is that it’s not necessarily about having the most creative ad in a room full of other ads, but to be in a different room entirely.

3. Meeting customers where they live and speaking their language

You won’t win sales just by bombarding people with ads anymore. You have to understand your audience and engage them on their terms or they’ll move on immediately. People say they don’t like ads that target them based on their buying habits, but the evidence tells a different story. Targeted ads in media like Facebook work so well because they exist in places where people spend lots of time and they’re presented to them just like the content they love.

4. Content, content, content!

Customers want more honesty and authenticity from brands and the advertising scene has already started to reflect that. Great brands don’t just tell their story through ads anymore; they actually create value for customers. Content is a picture-perfect fit to fill this need, and companies are tapping into things like blogs and social media to sidestep annoying sales tactics and build their brand. People who read or interact with your company’s content are much more likely to buy from you over a companies that only uses traditional advertising that doesn’t provide any value to the consumer.

5. The death of millennial obsession

It took lots of companies about five years to realize that Millennials aren’t the only people that they should target. Millennials just happened to be the “It generation” at the same time when mass media was undergoing one of the biggest, most rapid changes in history. The core of the consumer economy is made up 35-50 year olds, not any particular generation. Here’s to hoping this also marks the end of those lazy “Millennials Have Killed                “ headlines, too!