Design Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to bee happy with your design.

You won’t get stung if you’re not satisfied with any of your designs. WorkerBee Design provides a satisfaction guarantee on our designs. If you don’t feel your design brief has been fulfilled after the first phase of your project (or two rounds of feedback), you can request a refund* of your design fee with 30 days of posting, you’ll receive a full refund—no questions asked! This excludes posting and upgrade fees. You can read out full refund policy here.

Creative Delivered

Work with our hive of graphic designers to bring your project to life on a sensible budget and speedy timeframe.

There’s no template or cookie cutter for sweet design—it takes effort! WorkerBee strips away the parts of graphic design that burn your time and money and boils the process down to its essentials. Tell us what kind of design you want, when you need it and any preferences you have, and we’ll set you up with a designer best suited to your needs. If you’re not sure which form of media is best for what you’re trying to accomplish with your design, we’ll walk you through your options and make recommendations along the way.

Don’t love the first design you receive from the WorkerBee team? You can request a new design.

Great Value & Outstanding Service

You’ll work with skilled designers and managers, not drones.

WorkerBee offers buzzworthy design from dedicated designers at cost-effective monthly rates. Your work is handled by a project manager with support staff on call when you need. The size of our hive lets us deliver on flexible timelines and handle feedback on your schedule. When the work is done, you’ll receive the finished design as well as its assets and files. It’s your work, and you’ll own it!