Our Mission: Graphic Design for All!

WorkerBee’s founder earned an MFA at a turning point in the era of graphic arts when computer design was about to boom. After college, he worked in screen printing and advertising before opening his own design shop in 2007.

He has owned and operated a design agency for more than 11 years, focusing largely on print marketing and digital advertising. Even before opening his own agency, he began to realize that great, custom graphic design should be available to businesses of all sizes, but the classic agency model marginalized small businesses, independent contractors, or anyone who needed graphic design service but didn’t have a Coca Cola-sized budget.

“Most design agencies out there with a staff of four or more find it hard to take on projects with marketing budgets under $1,000,” he says. “But if I’m a small business owner, a budding entrepreneur, an independent professional like a tax preparer, plumber or homebuilder, or even just an average Jane needing wedding invites, I can’t afford to shell out thousands of dollars on a custom design, even it will grow my business. It’s just not feasible. Even businesses that you wouldn’t think face this problem, like credit unions for example, struggle to find good design and marketing help in their price range. And that’s crazy.”

Our King Bee recognized this vastly underserved portion of the market and started thinking. The projects that these kinds of customers need help with tended to be a great fit for freelance designers, but connecting businesses and freelancers was still a problem. For freelancers, it’s tough to juggle things like billing, gaining new business, and of course, the creative work. For clients in need of design help, they might have an idea of what they want but don’t want to micromanage a project, worry about blowing their budget or getting a project done on time.

WorkerBee’s streamlined system automates the design process to solve the common problems on both sides of the equation.

“Even skilled designers who specialize in a certain area struggle to sustain because it’s so hard to find clients. You need to do a lot of self-marketing to get enough clients to make it worth your time, but that self-marketing ends up chewing through tons of time and resources. You have designers looking for clients and you have clients looking for designers, but it’s surprisingly hard to come together. I experienced this firsthand as a freelancer for years before starting my own agency.”

But with 11 years of experience running an design agency, he had the means to bridge both gaps. He’d built up a network of freelance designers he had worked with for years, and had also filled out a nice rolodex of clients, prospects, small business owners and independent contractors.

In 2018 with the help of those very designers, WorkerBee was launched to bring professional, custom graphic design services to everyone for a one-time, flat-fee with no surprises.

“WorkerBee is literally a one-stop shop for anyone—and I mean anyone—who needs graphic design help but doesn’t know how to find a good designer, doesn’t want to hire an agency, or both. Running an agency for more than a decade taught me how to be proficient with things like marketing our services, sales, managing dozens of projects at one time, and keeping a lean budget.

“These are usually the tasks that bog down freelance designers and keep them from scaling themselves. Similarly, they’re the same things that scare people away from working with an agency. Agencies are bigger and have a lot of moving parts, and while they do amazing work, they usually need to work on more substantial projects to justify their time and fees.”

Our goal is simple: Bring great graphic design to everyone! We also want to grow the creative design community and create a platform where any designer can get paid for their work, not worry about billing or seeking clientele. Our mission is complete when every client can get the design services they need at affordable prices.

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